More Adventures in Maine

Maine is beautiful. I’ve had a blast exploring the different parks the state had to offer. Here are some recent highlights!


I’ve been heading out to Acadia with and without friends.

Jordan Pond in Acadia
More Jordan Pond
On the way to Otter Point
Otter Point, Acadia

The Duck of Justice

Bangor, ME is more than just a small Maine city. It houses one of the most important ducks in the continental 48: the Duck of Justice.

After bothering an entire police department, I was able to get a photo with the local hero.

In case you couldn’t tell I was super nervous to meet him. But he’s super nice in person.

An Experience in Camden Hills State Park

The highlight of my trip arrived in Camden Hills State Park. After a long, uphill hike, I found a beautiful spot to watch the sunset.

It was an eye-watering beautiful scene to watch the sky shift from blue to a light orange. On my left, I could see a small fishing town, with small boats still on the water.

This was the spot I stayed at the longest during my adventures so far. I found a comfy rock and stayed for about 45 minutes. It’s easy to reach your destination, look around, and head back. But sometimes enjoying it means waiting and soaking up the beautiful landscape.

Fake McDonald’s

After leaving the park, I was super hungry. I found a very suspicious looking McDonald’s. Suspicious because it seemed to be in a weird spot, had no reviews, and no photos.

So naturally I headed towards it. There was no McDonald’s.

Instead, I drove through a beautiful coastal town and even found a tiny park with a strip of beach.

Baxter State Park

I went to Baxter State Park in hopes of seeing a moose. While I didn’t get the chance to see any, the hike to Chimney Pond was beautiful, and the pond itself was work the uphill trek.

I plan on climbing up to one of these mountains before I leave.

That’s it for now. More adventures await!

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  1. GRAMMIE says:

    What beautiful vistas!!! Am so glad you are getting to enjoy.

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